9 Tested Tips to Select an Efficient Web Design Company

9 Tested Tips to Select an Efficient Web Design Company

9 Tested Tips to Select an Efficient Web Design Company

  • 22nd Aug 2018

In this ongoing digital age, businesses irrespective of their shape, size, location and industry need to go online for both survival and growth. But hiring just an average web design company is never going to provide you with the desired mileage to beat your competitors. You need to hire a service provider that works enthusiastically, involving creativity and innovation, to deliver clients with the precisely tailored solutions. 

Here’re some tried and tested tips from a London veteran to help you recognise and select a competent web agency. 

Start your search on Google. You may enter search strings like web design companies near me and Google will respond to your query by displaying innumerable links relevant to it. Shortlist the top 10 brands that Google shows and initiate communication with each one of them. 

You have to interview each one of them separately to gain clarity about their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t forget to ask the following questions to get the true picture regarding their efficiency and commitment to professionalism.

What is the overall cost of the project?

As far as the web solutions industry is concerned, there’re two types of contracts that people follow.

  • Hourly contracts.
  • Project-based contracts.

Small business owners usually find greater convenience in hiring web design companies on project-based pricing. Moreover, many hidden fees and costs may remain associated with hourly contracts. As you get to know the final project costing before signing the agreement, the agency can’t inflate the bill and ask you to pay a higher price for their service.

How long will the project take to complete?

Almost every project gets affected by some unforeseen obstacles at some point of time or the other. As a result, the project gets delayed and its deadline gets extended. This is something very natural and you’ve to take this into consideration right from the beginning. Get an estimated deadline from your web designers. You also need to monitor the work progress to ensure the entire thing stays on track and the deadline never gets shifted to an indefinite time zone.

Is the overall project cost inclusive of information strategy, content strategy and SEO?

Usually, web design companies don’t include these services while giving you the overall project costing. In the worst case scenario, you can hire an SEO company to avail of the relevant services mentioned above. 

Will you provide both web design and development?

The term web design doesn’t mean creating a new website. Rather, web designers just design a website and hand over the design to the client. The client has to hire a developer to build and code the website. However, there’re certain organisations that offer both of the services under the same roof.

Can you build my website on a responsive framework?

The volume of mobile Internet users is steadily rising as compared to desktop users. If you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll miss reaching out to the majority of your target audience. Moreover, Google considers mobile-friendliness a crucial ranking factor for businesses on SERP. Make sure, the best web agency in London is capable to deliver solutions that work equally smooth on varying screen sizes.

Do you outsource your projects or hire freelancers?

Of course you don’t want to end up with an agency that is going to outsource your requirements to a third-party. 

Which platform and CMS will be used for my website? Will it be easy to edit the content all on my own?

There’re many efficient web design platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. You should know the platform upon which your website is designed. It will also tell you how easy or difficult it will be to edit the content all on your own.

Will there be training on managing the CMS?

First, you’ve to make sure; the web designers use a CMS for your convenience. Secondly, they should provide you with a free training on CMS handling, so that you can edit and update the content without seeking any outside help. 

Can you tell me about the transition plan that you’ve in your mind?

These days, website redesign is a very common aspect. A lot of businesses get their websites redesigned for various reasons. There has to be a well-defined transition plan included in every website redesign projects. This ensures that there’s no drop in the traffic or conversion when the freshly designed website goes live. Any competent web design company in London will give you a concrete transition plan when you approach them for website redesigning. If a company can’t give you such a plan, just scrap it and approach a different company.

Follow these tips and finding a reliable and competent web designing agency will not be difficult.