Best 3 ways to make your commutes more productive

Best 3 ways to make your commutes more productive

Best 3 ways to make your commutes more productive

  • 28th Jun 2018

Commuting is a huge part of our daily lives and is often assumed to be a total waste of time. We believe that it is important to make those 20-30 minutes count therefore we came up with these three highly efficient ways you could do while standing on the train platform or getting to work using the bus.

Write down new goals

  • Believe it or not, this way you can actually stick to a goal of yours rather than just have it in your head. Checking your progress regularly and finding ways to stay motivated is key to maintaining them. You will shortly after notice how you are more disciplined which will have an overall effect on your future goals & objectives that you desire to reach.

Learn a new language

  • While you are on the go, there probably isn’t a much better thing to do than learn the basics of a new language that may be useful in the future. Duolingo is one of the world’s top language applications available for free both for iOS and Android. Each lesson is short, painless, and super visual to make your learning much easier and entertaining.

Find an interesting podcast & learn more

  • If you are driving your car to work or just on the bus looking outside the window and would rather listen than stare at a screen, then listening to a podcast or an audiobook can be just as beneficial as these forms of communication have gained a massive traction over the last 2 years. You can pause and play the audiobook/podcast at your own time while learning a lot of really cool & valuable information.

There is an extremely wide variety of podcasts across iTunes & Spotify. Whether you are interested in personal development, fitness or business, there is something for everyone.