Marketing and Advertising in 2018 Do’s & Don’ts

Marketing and Advertising in 2018 Do’s & Don’ts

Marketing and Advertising in 2018 Do’s & Don’ts

  • 7th Jul 2018

As years go by and consumer attention shifts, we continue to see businesses with a great product or service suffer entirely because they do not understand customer behaviour & technology.

We are here to simplify everything in short & give you the proper advice on how things roll out in 2018.

Word of mouth still remains the most powerful & effective marketing method. All social media does is accelerate your business growth. Don’t forget it can accelerate it in the other direction too.


  • Be everywhere that is relevant to your target audience. Just like teenagers don’t click on banners, don’t expect a 63 year old male to be on Be smart & research.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the kings for B2C marketing on social media right now. Make sure you are on them!
  • Quality, Consistency and providing actual value to your audience matter more than you think. Make sure you are on top of your game.
  • Content is king. Invest in it as much as possible to remain relevant.
  • Podcasts are becoming more relevant in 2018 than ever before therefore it may be a good idea to start a podcast if your business suits it and you have something to offer to your audience.
  • Gain some knowledge on Influencer marketing. It is a fundamental strategy in 2018 especially because it is underpriced and many influencers don’t know their actual worth.
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising.
  • Master the hashtags. They are the bridge that links potential customers with your business.
  • Care for your audience. Even if it is 1 person.


  • Spend money on TV adverts, Website/Forum Banners or pay influencers with sketchy following to engagement ratio.
  • Don’t post crappy images or low quality videos.
  • Use irrelevant hashtags just to get more likes.
  • Follow & Unfollow. This won’t bring in customers that will convert.
  • Underestimate your following. One person of influence can be the deal breaker when you are just starting out.

Manage your business well by educating yourself in what is relevant in 2018 and carefully budget your marketing spends.