Mr. Mo had a tutors business and really needed a website redesign. He knew that there were other things he needed to go with his website but had no idea where to start. A friend who had worked with United Web Agency on his own website had recommended us so he gave us a call.

Gb tutors case study


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The first thing we had to consider was that Mr. Mo’s budget was not huge. We had a conference call to discuss what was needed to make sure that his website attracted traffic and that the conversions on his site kept increasing.



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We started off with a full analysis of the market so that we could identify the most effective digital marketing and set him up with a really well-designed website. We even helped him with his copy. Mr. Mo now uses all of our services and has also signed up to a package so that all his SEO, digital and social media marketing can be handled efficiently.



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We measure the performance of our campaigns every six months. From the launch of his new website ( ), organic search traffic to his service pages reached 63% in the first six months. This continued to rise and hit 78% at the twelve-month mark. Now at the 42-month mark, Mr. Mo is delighted to see his website organic search traffic to service pages at 2000%.