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Create your new ecommerce site with Magento

We are here to help you and to make things simple. Our expert developers know the 150,00 Magento codes, inside out. We have been tested and certified to work on Magento Websites. If you are looking for expert help with the installation, maintenance or upgrading of your Magento ecommerce shopping-cart system - you have come to the right place.

We are reliable and experienced programmers and United Web Agency’s team of Magento experts are ready to get you started. Try us out! Or Call us on 02084100100 today for a chat!

Why You Should Choose Magento for Your ecommerce Store:

The Magento Development Service we offer includes.

  • Magento store-development
  • Magento theme-design
  • Magento design & integration and mobile app development,
  • Development & Integration of Magento extension
  • Custom Module-Development of Magento
  • Maintenance & Support and Site Migration,
  • Hiring of Magento Developers

We know that you are going to enjoy working with us because we are always growth and conversion focused. Our data-driven approach is critical for design and development and for creating an experience of ecommerce that will engage site users, giving them confidence to become buyers. Our commitment is to help your business grow and that will be on-going with your dedicated account manager providing new suggestions and ideas that will attract firstly, more sales, then an increase in the average order value and will always focus on customer retention.

Dedicated account management

We appreciate the importance of the same point of contact, someone who understands what you want, where you are in your market place and what your business goals are. As our valued customer, a dedicated account manager will be allocated to you and he or she will become an external member of your own team. We are always committed to doing our best to provide opportunities and insights to make sure that you achieve your full online potential.

Our experienced integrators

We have been Magento developers since 2014 and in that time our web development team has carried out Magento integration with several of the UK’s leading EPOS, ERP, payment gateway and order management providers. The way we create and deliver successful integration is by our simple holistic approach to data-management.

Unique development

The key to any successful Magento project is customised development. Maybe you want to offer your users promotions or maybe run reports, or perhaps create a new function that in day-to-day operation streamlines your store. Our experienced team will be able to create bespoke modules for you that are based specifically on your requirements.

Formulas that are award winning

We’ve been recognised for the work we have done on development as well as our ability to promote online-growth with several awards and nominations. Something that we aim to achieve year on year for all of our customers.

Some of the Problems We Solve:

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