Instagram Advertising Agency

Instagram has evolved itself from an exceptionally popular social media channel to a robust advertising platform and helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. As a member of the Facebook family, it is equipped with a range of user-friendly tools and advanced resources to help businesses grow. United Web Agency, as a leading Instagram advertising agency, possesses specialised skills and hand-on experience in Instagram advertising.

These days, almost 31% shoppers dedicatedly rely on Instagram. Our expertise can certainly help you drive a significant part of these customers to your website to boost conversion and revenue.


Build a smart and effective Instagram marketing strategy

We will work with you as a team to tailor-make your unique, powerful and reliable Instagram marketing strategy that will smoothly cater to all your business objectives.

Grow your loyal fan base and keep them engaged

The customised Instagram marketing strategy that we build for you will bring more followers on Instagram. We also provide with the right content to keep them engaged.

Involve influencers to build both trust and credibility

Building long-lasting relationships with influencers is a tried and tested way to tap on new business opportunities.

Create fresh, informative and engaging content

Our creative content writers provide high-quality content that brings attention your business deserves.

Tap the potential of the Instagram advertising platform

At the United Web Agency, we possess the necessary technical expertise to help you leverage the unbelievable potentiality of Instagram as an advertising platform.

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Reasons your business cannot ignore advertising on Instagram

Over 1 billion users and still growing

Instagram has experienced a terrific growth rate over the last 18 months without any sign of slowing down.

Wider advertising scope

It offers you ever-growing options to place ads with cutting-edge features like Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories Ads and others.

Build your fan base with greater ease

Current trends indicate over 80% of users follow their preferred businesses on Instagram.

Reach out to a broader target base

More than 300 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

Make use of the advanced targeting features

Instagram offers the same targeting features as Facebook to effectively reach out to your target audience.

Why businesses hire us?

Unparalleled transparency

We’ve no hidden fee. You pay us only when we deliver results.

More flexibility

You can cancel your contract with us any time. Although in reality clients bring us referential business by introducing their friends and peers.

Full-range tracking and monitoring

Instagram advertising campaigns that we offer are thoroughly monitored. We don’t neglect tracking phone calls either.