PPC Management Company


When it comes to digital marketing and pay per click whether you are new to the market or trying to expand your existing presence online, it is going to be essential, when it comes to internet marketing plans, that every channel you have works with the overall strategy, is aligned and is working towards the same aim. At United Web Agency we offer a whole range of services aimed at taking your business to the next level with digital marketing.


As a platform the Internet is constantly changing and your business will need to change with it. It is no longer enough to have a website with your virtual ‘shop window’ beautifully crafted. As the market place becomes more and more competitive the focus is on driving as much traffic to your website as possible. And even that is not enough!

Now you need to track what is going on so that you know each time someone clicks on your site, you know when they visited, what they did and why they logged off. With this information your online marketing can be structured for maximum effect.

At United Web Agency we carefully monitor analytics so that we can adapt your offering to reflect the most up to date changes.


Pay per click or PPC is a very affordable way of advertising on either websites or search engines. There is no charge except when there is a click on your ad and the amount you pay per click is pre-set by you. It works by setting a daily, weekly or even monthly budget for the PPC function.

At United Web Agency we use the most popular PPC platforms segmenting those into
Search : This is a sponsored result that will appear at the head of listings on Google in response to a search query.

Display : This is graphical or textual ads that appear on third party web pages.

Remarketing : This is where you can target adverts at people who have previously visited your site. This will allow you to turn the window shopper into a buyer.

For marketing and for PPC United Web Agency have the experience and the expertise to help you make the most of your opportunities online