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United Web agency is a reputed mobile app development company that helps in the creation and delivery of native as well as hybrid mobile apps. We are a trust-worthy mobile app development partner for the leading enterprises and innovative startups.

We have a team of app designers, app developers and product owners, app designers that produce high quality android and ios mobile apps to improve overall experience of customers and employees. At the same time, they help in adding real and tangible business value for clients.

Starting from mobile digital strategy to app designing, development and digital marketing after digital products have been built, United Web Agency is considered to be a reliable app agency to meet all your needs.


Our Expertise


Android apps

We create customised and scalable user interfaces for the Android platforms.


iOS apps

We develop quality iOS apps for your business objectives.


Cross platform apps

We create mobile apps that are used on different mobile platforms.


Custom apps

Our mobile apps are customised to fulfill the needs of your business.


User-friendly interface

Mobile friendly user interface design is easy to use and understand.


Quick and responsive

We ensure your app performs great on all kinds of devices.


How to create mobile application


Our team of consultants provides complete guidance through iOS/Android app development life cycle. Our business analysts will work together with you to select the right platform, formalise key demands, priority devices and structure the requirements of mobile apps.


United Web Agency’s app designers will help to form the perfect visualisation for user journey. With the help of intuitive functionality that has been incorporated through user-friendly interfaces, we provide app users with unbelievable user experience and ensure huge profits and overall satisfaction for the businesses.


With years of experience in iOS/Android app development, we are proud in offering customised mobile app solutions. Our team of experts and transparent development process enable us to develop apps in short sprints that provide customers with remarkable and highly-functional mobile programs.


6 Important Steps to create an amazing mobile application

Our development starts with thorough discussion to become familiar with your creative ideas. We will evaluate present situation of the market and pros and cons of any given feature to ensure the competitive market of your mobile app. By working together with you, we will create a list of the features by priority and set timeline development. After this, our UI designers and mobile app developers will incorporate your ideas into a smartphone or tablet application that meets the needs of your company.


Our mobile app development agency will know about you and get accustomised with your innovative ideas. We will help you to find the perfect digital solution for your company’s needs.


At this stage, we form design interactions, wireframes, and define the logic behind the entire app.


Our experienced designers will create a design concept with icons, graphic images and other elements that reflects the identity of your business.


Our developers code the app and create innovative designs into a functional program.


Our assurance team tests different app by ensuring that it will work as intended and is secure without any bugs.


We put forward your brand-new application to the App Store where customers can download it easily and reap huge benefits for their customers.

How our app developers can help you

Our team of app developers creates effective and highly impactful apps that perform in the perfect way for users and businesses.

Our years of experience and in-depth business knowledge means we can build an app that offers unparalled user experience with the functions you will need to deliver, from online chat to e-commerce.

We possess necessary skills and great expertise to ensure the technical and function-heavy apps look functional – the ideal blend of aesthetics and function for optimum customer experience.

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Effective design with our award winning mobile app developers

Apps can be developed in a cost-effective way by offering immediate brand representation and potential storefront for sales offer. Your design should be made on the brand completely and designed to reflect your business.

Our mobile app design team works together with each client to know their preferences, the present brand and the direction visuals should take.

Data-driven mobile app development

We work hard to perform in-depth data analysis before completing the project.

This means conducting proper research of the target market, identifying other apps already there in the market, looking at broader market and using dissimilar data sources for expert insights and strategies. Thus, we can develop the perfect fit for purpose plan and your app will be ready for the targeted market.

Experienced Mobile App Development Team

Our experienced team of app developers will try to incorporate cutting-edge methodologies to take new mobile app developers reach the forefront of customer searches.

We possess proper knowledge, great skills and in-depth experience in this sphere of online marketing and ensure that your new mobile app will rank high for geographical searches and targeted market.
We take proper care in the development process to ensure it is fully up-to-date with industry standards. SEO is a complicated field that changes continuously and our team will make the process simple with the latest strategies for measurable effect.

Whether you have started a new project on app, an existing app that need to be updated or assistance with conceptualising for mobile technology that your business requires, we are always there to assist. Our award winning team will feel delighted for starting a no-obligation chat and discuss about all your possibilities.

Why choose United Web Agency?

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